Creative Murals promote Awareness

The Department of Marine Resources has embarked on a number of projects to raise the level of awareness for Kittitians and Nevisians of marine life and the importance of the sustainable use of marine resources for 2016.  The marine inspired dumpster project is one of the marquee projects that is expected to visually stimulate the populace.

The Department commissioned Nevisian artist Mr Vaughn Anslyn to conceptualize and execute the project.  The results are as follows:


Before: Outline for the mural

Before: Image Outline

Nevisian artist Vaughn Anslyn working on his masterpiece

Nevisian artist Vaughn Anslyn working on the masterpiece.


Finished Visual on the dumpsters

Finished visual on one of the dumpsters



This is who we are

Marine Life Dumpster in Day time


The murals feature various types of marine life that can be found in the proposed Narrows Marine Management Area including; Hawksbill Sea turtle, Angel fish, sea grass bed, corals, sea sponges and a sea fan.  The mural project was funded by CamPAM Small Grants with the Department of Marine Resources as the National Implementing Entity (NIE).  CamPAM seeks to support to the management of marine space within the region. Establishing Marine Management Areas (MMA) or Marine Protected Areas (MPA) is used as a regional tool to improve marine management, conserve marine biodiversity, address over fishing impacts, decrease user conflicts, and provide economic alternatives to local coastal communities. This has resulted in substantial knowledge gained on optimal site selection and design, successful outreach approaches, effective management strategies, and appropriate methods to evaluate their effectiveness.  The Department of Marine Resources is presently embarking on establishing a two-mile radius St.Kitts and Nevis MMA .

The marine-inspired dumpsters will be placed at various fish landing sites throughout St. Kitts and Nevis.

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  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    I think the dumpsters are a good idea but WHERE are they ?
    If you are going to engage artists to create these beautiful murals on a dumpster then surely these dumpsters should be in PUBLIC areas. such as on public beaches ) Pinneys ) Paradise, Herbert’s and teh Charlestown waterfront so that it encourages everyone to throw their plastic cups, their styrofoam lunch containers, plastic bags and water bottles etc etc etc INTO these dumpsters instead of throwing them onto the ground.
    The recent beach clean up was great and a success but it is extremely important that a clean up is backed up with a Federation wide strenuous campaign in all the schools and a public information campaign to re-train our residents ( and visitors ) to USE trash cans instead of throwing their trash in the streets and onto our beaches, There iare NO public trash cans or dumpsters in evidence in Charlestown , we need to make it EASY for people to dispose of trash and we need to ensure that these trash bins are emptied daily by solid waste. A Pristine island is the goal, pretty pictures on dumpsters is lovely but what is the point when people don’t use the dumpster because they can’t find anywhere to dispose of their trash ?
    Just a thought
    Jane Ebbitt
    Resident, Nevis

    • newsadmin
      newsadmin says:

      Hi Jane,

      The rationale behind the murals on the trash receptacles at the landings sites were to inspire and encourage users of these sites; whether fishers and/or consumers to be more environmentally conscience about their immediate environment.

      There is one located at Old Road Fisheries Complex, St.Kitts and at the Newcastle Bay landing site in Nevis.


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