The Department of Marine Resources is hosting a two day workshop held May 3-4, 2018, at the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Building, Basseterre, St. Kitts to advise on the approaches and obligation of a Flag State in preparation for accessing High Seas Fisheries. With participation and input from a broad cross section of representative stakeholders, the workshop is anticipated to be two days of interactive sessions.

The objectives of the workshop are to explore obligations of a Flag States, review provisions under international law and fisheries instruments for managing, conserving and utilizing fishery resources with the EEZ and on the High Seas, to explore implications of the provision of Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Resources Act (FAMRA) 2016 for the Department of Marine Resources to within the EEZ and High Seas Fisheries and to explore the fisheries observer program and development of an At-Sea fishery observer program.

The facilitator of the workshop is Consultant Mr Justin Renee, a former Director of Fisheries in Grenada. Mr. Renee explained, “The emphasis of this training would be to focus on the conservation and management of marine resources whether on high seas or within the EEZ.”

The participants for the workshop were purposefully selected based on consultation with the Department of Marine Resources to include Department of Fisheries Nevis, Legal Affairs, Ports, Customs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Caribbean Sustainable Education and Awareness Organisation (local NGO), and Private sector representatives.